How To Deal With Hardship


Long time, no blog - you're used to it, I know. I've been busy lately and I'm trying to provide better content, God knows it takes times, but thank you for visiting and bearing with me :)

These last months were a little tough on me, it seemed like nothing was going my way. I've had my share of ups and downs, but I know it's all Allah. Things aren't really looking up, but along the way, I've discovered a few things that have helped a little.

1. Know that you're not alone. Everyone has to face difficulties at some point, even though they don't mention them spontaneously.

2. You're supposed to face problems. Yep, that's right. This world is the place for trials and tribulations, you get out of a situation, and you jump right into another. That's the nature of the world, don't except a trouble-free, easy-peasy kinda life.

3. You're pretty lucky. It might be odd to think this way, but we're quite priviledged. If you're like me, you're Muslim, alive and healthy, you have close, trusted relatives, and live in a land where your own person and goods are protected. A lot of people are severely abused, sick and/or destitute, and cannot access some of the things that God gave you and that they wished they had. Whatever happens, I guarantee you it could be a lot worse.

4. Think of examples. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, the one person who comes to my mind is Seydina Ayyoub (PBUH). He's the epitome of courage, when he's been tested in his wealth, his family, his health, even his friendships, he remained patient and faithful until God removed all his afflictions and rewarded him. When depression and despair are around, I try and get inspiration from him (PBUH).

5. Keep busy. The best way not to think about problems is to be active. It can be anything, chores, hobbies, whatever keeps you busy during the day.

6. Write your feelings down if you feel like it, or if you have no one to talk to, it helps.

7. Don't keep it bottled in. Let it go, you'll feel better :)

8. Make du'a. Supplications are our secret weapon, do not underestimate them! Do not forget that God is the One who has created this situation, He's the One who can remove it. Use any opportunity, while prostrating, right after prayer, or any other time, to make du'a. Ask for forgiveness, for relief and openings. You might not see immediate results, but your supplications do not go unnoticed, I promise.

There you go, I hope this little article will be useful and beneficial. Please leave any other tips and tricks you might have in the comment section below. Here's a motivational vid that I found both useful (told you you're not alone :). May Allah help us overcome hardships, purify our hearts and give us many openings!

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