My Trip To Andalucia + News

Hey everyone :)

I guess I'll have to start with the usual apology, I didn't realize I hadn't blogged in so long! It's like time shrunk after Ramadan, I was busy with work, preparing for my trip AND Eid, so as you can imagine, I had a lot on my plate!

And when I returned, a job was sitting here, waiting for me! It's not exactly my dream job, but it's good for now. As much as this is good news, it leaves me with have less time on my hands. There are so many things I want to achieve in such constricted time, why don't days last 30 hours?

Andalucia was on my mind for a while. The culture, the history, everything about it seemed so fascinating to me. I'm not the adventurer type -- at all, y'all --, but the curiosity and passion were so strong, I just wanted to go!

I chose cities which I thought were the most prominent and would give me the best glimpse of Andalucia: Sevilla, Cordoba, and Granada

The trip was beyond all expectations. The exquisite monuments are great testimonies to al-Andalus' rich history. The blend of traditions gave birth to a unique architecture, which serves as the best advocate for multiculturalism. These places ooze inspiration, beauty, and spirit.

I've also enjoyed the local food -- while ditching the pork :) --, the small, narrow streets, the friendly, diverse, authentic people, the laid back vibe...

Andalucia, I'm so grateful for the beautiful experience. Your power is alive and it's real. I've photographed images with my mind and use my heart as a storage device, so you're always with me.

 In the heart of the city / Madrid

 Streets of Sevilla

Monuments of Sevilla

 Treasures of Madinat az-Zahra / Cordoba

 Plaza de América / Sevilla

Parque Maria Luisa / Sevilla

 Plaza de Espana / Sevilla

 Keys to the City / Sevilla

 View from the Giralda / Sevilla

 Alcazar de los  reyes cristianos / Sevilla

Alcazar de los  reyes cristianos / Sevilla

 Alcazar de los  reyes cristianos / Sevilla

 Casa del flamenco / Sevilla

 Roman bridge / Cordoba

 Streets of Cordoba

 Mezquita-catedral / Cordoba

 Mezquita-catedral / Cordoba

 Synagogue / Cordoba

 Streets of Cordoba

 Streets of Cordoba

 Alcazar real / Cordoba

Los Andaluces Mosque / Cordoba

 The Alhambra / Granada

 View from the Alhambra / Granada

 The Alhambra / Granada

The Great Mosque / Granada

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