Boss of Bosses, King of All Kings

If you've been following me for a bit, you know I work on my acts of worship. As a result, I'm always on the lookout for things I can use to improve on that department. If you know me, you also know that I'm big on history.

While in Spain, I stumbled across the TV show called Isabel. The series gives us a glimpse of the ruler's life, tribulations and all. In a particular scene, after years of fraternal feud, the nobles come and pledge allegeance to her as their new Queen.


And then it hit me. A monarch is a head of power. He is to be respected and treated with reverence. To be in his presence is an honor. He is not easy to approach, but when he summons you, you answer. I just saw the deference on the actors' faces, and I thought, we would gladly do for an earthly king what we have a hard time doing for God! However grand or powerful, a king is just a human being that will grow old, weak and die. God, on the contray, is the Ever-Living, the Eternal. When the world is all over, He is The only King that will remain.

Also, when we have a special appointment, we don't get ready, we get extra ready. Say Obama/Hollande/whoever wants to receive you. Doesn't matter how you feel about them, you would recognize the uncommonness of the situation. You'd think ahead, pick the right clothes you'd wear, carefully choose your words, etc. On the appointed day, you'd leave early and make sure to be there on time, or even earlier.

Five times in a day, God, who rules over all kings and rulers of the worlds, grants us a special audience. Five times a day, we can talk to our Lord, pour our hearts out, tell Him of our hopes, concerns and fear. How do we prepare for our meeting with Him? Do we plan things ahead? Do we make sure the clothes we're wearing for salah are clean and decent? Do we think about how we want to connect with our Lord?


The nobles are pledging allegeance to their queen. They solemny swear on what is dearer to them to serve their monarch. La ilaha ila llah is our oath: we pledge to put Him SWT at the center of our lives. But this promise is just a reenactment of a former one. Way back when, before we were sent to Earth, we were immerged in the divine presence. God asked: "am I not your Lord," to which we all agreed emphatically. Our being on Earth will either serve as a confirmation or a disavowal of our former claim. Note that disloyalty to a king is a capital offense, as such, is punished by death. To me, there couldn't be a greater metaphor: leaving God behind only brings destrucion and chaos, while following Him with a loving heart will secure and strengthen you.

May Allah make us of those who revere, honor, and worship Him with a true heart.

  Where I got the title inspiration from, if you were curious :)

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