My 2015 Ramadan Plan


Isn't it insane how time flies? So it's that time of the year again, Ramadan is right around the corner! Like I've done for a while now, I came up with Ramadan objectives this year. I've been thinking about things I'd like to focus on during the month, and I'm glad to report that I won't have much that much work to do after all!

I found that I kept up with my objectives during the month, and successfully implemented them into the rest of the year, alhamdulillah! So, in case you weren't sure, Ramadan is the best time to work on yourself. From my experience, if you make the most of it, you will become a better Muslim and person. If you'd like to make your own Ramadan Plan, but don't know where to start, feel free to check out my previous ones for inspiration.

1. Read a book. I love my Ramadan readings! Since I'll have less time on my hands, I'll be focusing on one source of knowledge. I'm not too sure about what book to pick though. Last year's reading blew my mind, and the author has written a similar book on Moses (AS), so I might turn to that.

2. Work on my Arabic. Since I've had less time to myself, I've put my Arabic classes aside. As a result, I've forgotten a lot of it, which is a shame. So this Ramadan, I want to delve into my books and learn more, if I can.

3. Be kinder to my surroundings. It might seem odd, but I have found myself being a little rough with the things I use, throwing/pushing them around. The things we own are blessings from Allah, as such, they are to be treated with care. I've also killed more insects that I wanted. However small and insignificant they may look, animals are part of God's kingdom and signs. Remember that Nimrod has been killed by a fly :). I don't want to harm any living creature, I guess I just need to find a way to drive them away, wish me luck!

4. Travel. God willing, I'd like to make Ramadan extra special and go to a place that will uplift me and give my spirituality a boost. This would make for a unique experience, I'll keep you posted, iA!

What do you want to work on this Ramadan?

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