My 2016 Ramadan Plan

Here it is. We're just a few weeks away from Ramadan. Time does fly!

If you're a regular reader, you know that I like to turn the blessed month into a bootcamp during which I tackle bad habits, among which is a certain form of laziness.

I don't know what it is, but these days I've been feeling less productive. You know that feeling, when you know you should work out, but you don't? Exactly. It's that feeling when you choose what you want to do instead of doing what's actully good for you.

Also, I feel like the efforts I've made when it comes to perfecting my character are kinda waning. You know, letting go of anger, seeking people's approval, gossiping, excessive worrying... Petty things that didn't matter to me anymore started to bother me again. I find that these two issues have the same root cause: listening to the nafs, the lower desires.

I want to kickstart the month with discipline and go back to my previous peaceful, godly state. In order to to do that, I will basically get things done, focus on Allah SWT and not think too much.

I want to take this opportuniy to shed a few pounds, not that it's my fault yeah, right. I've been in a division different from the one I usually work in, things are a lot less active there. Next thing you know, your girl was stuck with extra pounds! I don't have any particular diet I want to follow, our Ramadan eating is not the fat, sugar-filled kind. And I think I'll lose weight from the fasting alone. The special step I'd like to add is exercise.

Now, I've read that it'd be ideal to workout after suhoor, but I like working out during the daytime. As for the type of exercise, I count on my girl Adrienne and her yoga moves to help me burn calories and tone. If you're interested in a more thorough Ramadan weightloss program, please check out this one.

You know each year, I have to come with Ramadan readings! The previous years, I've been digging Faouzi Skali's works, so no surprise, this year's going to be Faouzi Skali as well! This time, I'll read Moise Dans La Voie Soufie, a book exploring Seydina Musa's life through the spiritual lens, like it was done with Jésus Dans La Voie Soufie. When I'm done with the former, I might just jump onto the latter. :)

This is it, the list is done, the intentions are set! Not only do I feel ready for Ramadan, I'm anticipating it now!

What is your Ramadan plan?

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