Ramadan Beauty Tips

Hey ladies!

As you all know, Ramadan is a holy month, during which we fast and put an emphasis on spirituality and prayer. It's also a time for sharing and conviviality, and food plays an important role, ironically enough, from sadaqas to iftars and dinners.

Although this equates to a pretty busy schedule, we don't want to neglect our appearance. So, these past few days, I've decided to tweak my beauty routine to fit my daily activities. That's how I came up with a few tips who will work perfect for lazy, tired, busy, and/or people who are on a budget!

1. Moisturize you skin. Since our water intake is greatly reduced, moisturizing from the outside is even more important. Use a moisturizing body wash, and team it with an emollient lotion. I find that natural oils and butters work just as well, if not better, than manufactured lotions. My favorites are coconut oil and Shea butter, I would use either or and apply from head to toe.

2. Keep it odor-free. As for deodorant, I actually use lemon juice*. It might seem crazy, but lemon juice has great antisceptic, firming, anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties. It reduces perspiration and smell without leaving your skin scented. If you want to stay away from scent during Ramadan, but still want to be fresh, I highly recommend it!

3.  Get long-lasting smooth skin. If you want to be free of unwanted hair, I suggest waxing. Yes, it's painful, but worth it: you'll have smooth skin for weeks, i. e. until the end of Ramadan, without having to shave, pluck, use creams everyday. Less hassle = one happier you :)

4. Don't forget about face masks and exfoliators! One product that really did the trick for me was plain yogurt. It's known to be moisturizing, soothing, tightening, AND exfoliating! This is killing a thousand birds with one stone :)

5. Fancy some makeup? If I don't get out of the house, I don't bother with it. If I do, I'd use a minimal amount. Check this out for more info.

6. Give your hair a break. It takes forever for my hair to get "done", so during Ramadan, I narrow the washes down to once a week. This means less manipulation, and less opportunity for breakage, which is always good :) People with oily hair might find it hard to do so, but there are tricks to get rid of the oil and dirt, such as rhassoul/clay masks, which allows to keep the hair clean for up to 7 days.

7. Do the easy peasy mani! I do a lot of housework during the day, so in order not to end up with dry, rough hands, I give my hands a nightly treatment. No need for fancy creams or tools: grab your favorite hand lotions, apply a good amount to your hands, then put a tiny dot of cream on each nail and massage onto the nail and cuticle. You'll wake up with soft hands and smooth, strong nails inshaAllah :) As for lenght, long-nail maintenance and Ramadan don't match, so I just clip and file when needed.

8. Don't neglect you feet! If you follow tip #1, your feet will be moisturized, which will make things easier for you. Gently push back cuticles after the shower, clip and file. To get rid of any roughness, walk with bare feet any chance you get! 

*Please refrain from using it right after hair-removal procedures and/or on any irritated, recently injured area, as lemon juice can cause stinging.

Before trying any of the natural products mentioned, please test it on a small area of skin to make sure you are not allergic to them and/or ask your physician about it.

I hope you'll fing these tricks helpful, they've certainly helped me! Any more tips and ideas, comment below :)

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